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The Callisto Protocol’s Final Transmission DLC Launches First On PS5 On June 27

The Callisto Protocol’s upcoming Final Transmission DLC, which includes more story content, continuing and bringing an end to the main game’s campaign will launch first on PS5, before it goes to other platforms on June 27, 2023.

It’ll be available everywhere else on June 29, but those on PlayStation have the chance to get in a couple of days early, to discover the secrets behind everything that happened with Black Iron Prison.

Since launch, Striking Distance Studios has put in plenty of work to fix the technical issues players faced at the beginning, and round out the game with more content through newly added game modes such as Riot Mode.

It also now features plenty of new cosmetics for the protagonist Jacob Lee, a new game plus mode, and a whole lot of inventive ways for you to watch Jacob get absolutely murdered.

For anyone looking to jump into another space-horror, The Callisto Protocol offers a mostly chilling experience, even if it still falters more often than not.

Source – [Striking Distance Studios]