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Be Warned: Final Fantasy XVI Copies Have Gone Out Early, And Spoilers Are Already Appearing Online

Final Fantasy XVI is now only a week away at time of writing, and reports are beginning to appear that some retailers have sold copies early, and some of those who were lucky enough to grab it early have started posting photos and details about the game.

At least for now it doesn’t appear that any major spoilers have made it online, but with a week until release, its only a matter of time, and any fans hoping to avoid spoilers ought to be warned and wary of the internet for the next seven days.

If you are keen to get into Final Fantasy XVI, there is a demo available that gives you a strong feeling for Creative Business Unit III’s latest, epic-looking Final Fantasy.

The demo should be enough to hold you over until your own copy comes in, though if you are looking to purchase the game physically, best not to visit your local retailer and beg them to break the game’s release date.

Source – [VGC]