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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Update 1.20 Unleashes Season 4 Content

Activision has deployed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone 2.0 update 1.20 patch notes, and this is a major update for the popular first-person shooter duo, ushering in support for Season 4.

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New Operators

  • The former FSB deep-cover agent was first spotted in Modern Warfare® (2019), using his menacing signature black mask to cover the disfiguration of his face caused by Mr. Z. A methodical and calculated soldier, Nikto is a natural-born leader who appears to fear nothing, with next to no gaps in his skill set as the ultimate soldier of fortune.

Ana Vega

  • The daughter of paramedics and Army reservists with family roots in Cuba, Ana Vega never had the opportunity to get to know her parents. Both were killed during rescue operations in the early days of the Urzikstan conflict. The Gold Star child followed in their footsteps in attempt to reconnect with her fallen parents, graduating with top honors from the United States Military Academy and enlisting in the Army’s Combat Medic Specialist Training Program (CMSTP). Proving her exemplary proficiency in combat and as a medic, she eventually caught the attention of her commanding officer, who fast-tracked her to a position on a prestigious Special Forces unit with the 75th Ranger Regiment.

New Weapons

Tempus Razor Back: Assault Rifle

A masterclass in exceptional manufacturing, this Tempus Armament assault rifle features a bullpup design and frame-vibration control, resulting in a smooth and controllable full-auto 5.56 weapon.
Unlock in Battle Pass Sector D13

ISO 45: Submachine Gun

The ISO Platform’s answer to room clearing. This SMG dominates with a high fire rate and the stopping power of .45 Auto rounds.
Unlock in Battle Pass Sector D19

Tonfa: Melee

This hard-polymer, edgeless melee weapon delivers blunt trauma without risk of dulling or breaking. Versatile, comfortable, and lethal in the right hands. Unlock via Assault on Vondel Event.


  • Shotgun
    • Pellets now use damage priority
      • If more than four pellets hit a target, the highest damage among those hit pellets will be used
  • Melee
    • Fist Lunge Range decreased
    • Gunbutt Lunge Range decreased
    • Gunbutt Damage decreased | Warzone Only


These changes to Player Health and the application of Armor Damage ultimately result in the Time to Kill feeling slower, more consistent, and more reactable at every engagement distance.

While a select few Weapons are listed below, it is important to note that most Weapons will see their effectiveness altered as a result of the change to Armor Damage. For now, we will be retiring the term “Armor Damage” and any future changes that are Warzone specific will be followed by “Warzone Only.”

» Battle Rifles «

  • Cronen Squall
    • Full-Auto
      • Bullets to Kill increased by 2 | Warzone Only
      • Maximum Damage increased | Warzone Only
      • Minimum Damage added | Warzone Only
    • Semi-Auto
      • Bullets to Kill increased by 1 | Warzone Only
      • Maximum Damage decreased | Warzone Only
      • Minimum Damage increased | Warzone Only

» Shotguns «

  • Bryson 800
    • Minimum Damage decreased | Warzone Only
    • Head Multiplier increased
    • Neck Multiplier increased
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased
    • Arm Multipliers increased
    • Leg Multipliers increased


  • Bryson 890
    • Minimum Damage decreased | Warzone Only
    • Head Multiplier increased
    • Neck Multiplier increased
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased
    • Arm Multipliers increased
    • Leg Multipliers increased


  • Expedite 12
    • Minimum Damage added | Warzone Only
    • Leg Multipliers increased


  • KV Broadside
    • Mid Damage decreased
  • Lockwood 300
    • Minimum Damage decreased | Warzone Only
    • Head Multiplier increased
    • Neck Multiplier increased
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased
    • Arm Multipliers increased
    • Leg Multipliers increased
    • Hip to ADS Spread transition speed increased
      • Becomes accurate faster after aiming down sights
    • Mid Damage Ranges increased
    • Mid Damage decreased slightly


» Submachine Guns «

  • Fennec 45
    • Bullets to Kill decreased by 1 | Warzone Only


  • FTAC Siege
    • Akimbo FTAC Siege (NEW)
      • Unlock through in-game Challenge: 25 Hip Fire Operator kills with the FTAC Siege
  • Kastov-74u
    • KSTV-17 Barrel (NEW)
      • Added to Kastov-74u progression, replaces 5.45 Tracer at Level 9
        • Players who have progressed beyond this level will have it retroactively granted to their account following the launch of Season 4
  • KV Broadside
    • 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath
      • Close-range Damage increased slightly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the SZ Aggressor-IR Optic where its ADS penalty was higher than intended
  • Fixed an issue with 12-Gauge Dragon’s Breath residual damage where it would be counted as a headshot for scoring
  • Fixed an issue that caused Death Effects to intermittently occur on incorrect bodies
  • Fixed numerous incorrect Attachment unlock criteria
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game challenge completed overlay for the KL40-M2 Drill underbarrel Attachment showed a placeholder name
  • Fixed an issue causing the .300 BLK Overpressured +P ammunition to remain locked without unlock requirements, despite the Weapon being at max level
  • Fixed an issue where Bipod Attachments were not blocked on some Weapons when using the canted iron sights



  • NEW: Assault on Vondel
    • Your mission is to fight back against Nikto’s clandestine army, and reclaim the city in our seasonal event. The Assault on Vondel begins at the launch of Season 04 and goes through July 7. Earn rewards through two types of challenges during the event:
      • Community Challenges: All Players must work together to gather medals through classic challenges, unlocking gameplay rewards such as the Taxi Boat and Trams, Reinforcement Flare Field Upgrade, the Favorite Supply Box and a brand new Tonfa melee Weapon.
      • Mastery Challenges: Individual challenges that are directly tied to a cosmetic reward while also contributing to the Community Challenge. The most efficient way to get all cosmetic rewards is to land on Vondel, but playing across the game is also supported.

Find more details on how the Assault on Vondel Launch Event will work in the Warzone section of these Patch Notes.


Battle Pass

  • Unlock 100 tiers of content in this season’s Battle Pass, featuring 2 new weapons, Nikto and more! Check out the Season 04 Battle Pass blog for all the intel, including BlackCell.



  • Parachute: Weapon Quick Raise is now always used when cutting your parachute or landing for improved responsiveness on landing



  • Bomb Squad now scales both explosive damage and clamps the maximum damage unless the damage was a direct impact


Bug Fixes

  • Field Upgrades now refund properly when shocked by a shock stick mid-deployment
  • Throwing Star kills now properly extend Battle Rage and Dead Silence



  • Added ability for War Tracks to play in 3D positions from Vehicles in the world, rather than only to Players riding in a Vehicle


New Features

  • Multiple Attacker Notifier Quality of Life
    • When a Player is downed while simultaneously under fire from multiple enemy Players, a text notifier will appear near their crosshair indicating the total number of recent attackers.


  • Added a new splash that calls out when a Player is downed or killed by more than one attacker
  • Players can now view Skins for locked Operators
  • Added the ability to select Skins for Tacticals and Lethals… check out the new Wumpa grenade!
  • Added the ability to remove all of your equipped attachments on your weapon by pressing and hold RT/R2 in Gunsmith.
  • Improved clarity on which Attachments have Skins, are Tunable, or are Pro-Tuned
  • Added the Pro-Tuned tag to the loadout preview widget for Blueprint-tuned Weapons
  • Added Pros and Cons for all Attachments
  • Improved usability of Loadout select
  • Perk Packages now use a double-stacked row
  • Additions and improvements to the HUD for Search and Destroy and Rescue Modes
  • Added reticles and tracers to the Loadout preview in Gunfight
  • Added a POI label under the Compass in Gunfight
  • General visual improvements to the HUD in Gunfight
  • Redesigned AAR and Scoreboard to accommodate 6v6 and larger matches



  • Fixed an issue where exiting the Tactical Camera would sometimes leave a blurry screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Player would have their controls locked if they tried to re-enter a Recon Drone as it dies, while looking through a Spotter Scope
  • Fixed an issue where the Wheelson could be deployed on top of other vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the Player’s FOV would remained zoomed in after leaving control of the Gunship
  • Fixed an issue that prevented bots from being able to revive downed teammates
  • Fixed an issue where Weapon progress trackers could become misaligned with their Weapons in the Weapon Challenges menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Buy Battle Pass menu launched abruptly when accessed for the second time while on View Map in the Battle Pass tab
  • Fixed an issue where the Operator could disappear when the Player enters the Emblem or Calling Card tab and goes back
  • Fixed an issue where Players could experience dropped frames when switching Calling Card tabs
  • Fixed an issue where loot could be destroyed if a Player died on top of an exploding vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the Player would exit the Light Helo but still remain inside of it
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Players to end up in a broken state when performing a roof exit on a vehicle as it blew up
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles didn’t collide with Players reviving other Players
  • Fixed an issue where collision sounds on the armor of the armored pickup truck didn’t play
  • Fixed an issue causing a number of missing vehicle icons in Ground War’s Tac Map legend



  • Added display information when interacting with previously-claimed intel fragments
    • The number of intel fragments remaining for you in this missions
    • The distance to the nearest unclaimed intel fragment


  • Fixed an issue with timers conflicting with one another during the puzzle in Atomgrad Raid Episode 01
  • Fixed an issue where Players could crash if they used the Restart from Checkpoint feature in the maze in Atomgrad Raid Episode 01
  • Fixed an issue where Players could crash if they lingered at a puzzle for a long time in Atomgrad Raid Episode 01
  • Fixed an issue where the Oxygen Tank would disappear while ledge hanging in Atomgrad Raid Episode 01
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would plant bombs in the wall in Defender: Hafid Port
  • Fixed an issue where Players that have not made a Custom Loadout will see overlapping default Loadout UI



Kunstenaar District (Core 6v6)

  • Located west of the Museum in Vondel, the Kunstenaar District (translation: Arts District) features a row of townhouses, boutique shops, a central plaza, and a swimmable canal along its west flank.

Showdown (Core 6v6)

  • The iconic map returns! It’s a great place to practice for those hot drops . . . or just drop airstrikes and helicopter Killstreaks with Gold weapons just like old times.

Mawizeh Marsh (Battle Map)

  • Mawizeh Marshlands is from the region of the Al Mazrah map containing the infamous River Diamond Luxury Resort . . . or what’s left of it.

Ahkdar Village (Battle Map)

  • Action is mostly contained in the village (where Showdown is also located), and its most notable borders are the railroad to the south and the stepped farms and base of the mountain to the north. Vehicular combat may be frequent within the city walls, although infantry can take to the battlements, rooftops, and alleyways to counter them.

Mercado (Gunfight)

  • The Mercado is a section of Las Almas cleared out for Gunfight and Face Off battles. Combat within this large, covered structure will be frenetic on multiple levels, so get ready to stay close to your duo or trio, get in, and get out.

Penthouse (Gunfight)

  • Time to take Gunfights all the way up to the top. The Penthouse, situated in the heart of Chicago, features a lap pool, an outdoor firepit, and a tight-angled modern interior.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various collision and/or geometry issue on MultiPlayer maps
  • Fixed an issue on Guijarro where the Overwatch Helo would drop from the sky when leaving the Map


  • Added Battle Map (12v12) Search and Destroy
  • Added Battle Map (12v12) Prisoner Rescue
  • Added to Quickplay:
    • 10v10
    • 3rd Person
    • Infected
    • Gun Game
    • Drop Zone
    • Grind



  • Tuned spawns for Breenbergh Hotel, Black Gold, Exhibit, and Himmelmatt Expo
  • Updated the rate at which UAV sweeps are performed for the infected team in Giant Infected:
    • One sweep every 20 seconds by default
    • One sweep every 3 seconds when less than 24 survivors remain
  • Updated class tables to include Blueprints through Season 03 Reloaded
  • Moved the bag locations from the top of barrels to the ground on Black Gold in Knock Out
  • Added “Score Limit” and “Time Limit” options for Bounty
  • Adjusted Weapon locations on Blacksite in Gunfight O.S.P.


  • Fixed several exploits with the Tactical Camera
  • Fixed an out of bounds issue with the Recon Drone
  • Fixed an issue where Players would sometimes not receive the proper rewards when killing Players downed in Last Stand
  • Fixed a connection timeout issue some Players would encounter in Drop Zone
  • Fixed a bug where some melee kills would not count as one-hit-kills in One in the Chamber
  • Fixed an issue where some in-game Weapon challenge camo unlock text was cutoff and did not include the Weapon name
  • Fixed an issue in Private Matches where the Player could not earn Killstreaks properly with the “Retain Streaks on Death” and “Persistent Streak Progress” options tuned on

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