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PlayStation Will Host A Free Online Multiplayer Weekend From June 24-25

For those who can remember back to the days of the PS3, playing a multiplayer game online wasn’t something you paid for on PlayStation consoles.

That quickly changed however, and now anyone without a PS Plus membership is left isolated from online multiplayer games, save for the select few times a year that PlayStation hosts a weekend of free online multiplayer, as they will be at the end of this month between June 24-25.

If you’re a PS5 or PS4 owner not paying for a PS Plus subscription, then you’ll be able to jump online beginning 12:01am local time on June 24, and you’ll be promptly kicked off your online game of choice at 11:59pm on June 25 local time.

Of course being able to play games online isn’t the only reason to subscribe to PS Plus, with a minimum of three games you can add to your library each month, and that’s just on the base level subscription.

Still, it’s telling that not everyone with a PlayStation console subscribes to the service – if all you’re looking forward to playing are the big, single-player, narrative focused first-party games from PlayStation Studios, then its understandable to avoid shelling out an extra annual payment.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]