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Pragmata Was Reportedly Internally Rebooted At One Point During Development

Capcom announced a delay for Pragmata during its showcase yesterday, and while we still don’t know when the game is coming out, insider Dusk Golem has claimed that the game was internally rebooted at one point, which explains why it’s taking so long to come out.

Pragmata had a trailer showing the first gameplay of the game, but also a delay (to an unknown date for now), but ensure it’s being worked on and not cancelled. It was internally rebooted at one point.

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Obviously Capcom hasn’t commented on whether the game was rebooted during development, but it would explain why the game hasn’t got a concrete release date yet. The publisher previously confirmed a delay for the game back in 2021, at which point it planned to release the game this year.

Pragmata was originally announced back in June 2020 and was initially pegged for a 2022 launch. We’ve seen or heard little on the game since then, although the PlayStation website has revealed that we can expect the game to weave a ‘profound story’ and feature ‘cutting-edge visuals.’

[Source – Dusk Golem on Twitter]